What our clients say about us

We are extremely pleased with the overall quality and time to market of the Vayant technology. No other provider was able to offer such flexibility in terms of frequency of updates or content.
We were impressed by the quality and flexibility of Vayant and its products and services. Using the Pricing Cache solution will help us significantly to sell Lufthansa flights in the leisure market.
Vayant has worked closely with us to provide a solution that fits with our business and the demanding market in which we operate. Vayant OneSearch allows us to handle the most complex searches with speed and accuracy – which helps us give our customers a great shopping experience.
The highly effective and successful solution which has been provided to airBaltic was and remains absolutely critical in reducing our overall distribution costs and at the same time enhancing our online platform.
Vayant’s efficient solution and project management meant we could react quickly to changes made by one of our key airline suppliers. The solution has allowed us to continue to operate effectively without expensive and complex changes to our core reservations platform.
From day one, Vayant worked with us as a partner and we were delighted by their understanding of our business needs. From design through to implementation and fine-tuning of the tax engine, Vayant delivered quickly and it was a very positive experience.
Vayant were very responsive – they designed and executed a solution within 10 days of receiving our request. Thanks to Pricing Cache, today we see a significant uplift of our conversion rate by 15 to 20%.